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Laser Hair Removal

The European Moonbeam Illuminating American Beauty
-latest FDA approved Diode to ensure optimal results and client satisfaction
- advanced cooling system ensures a comfortable and virtually painless treatment experience.
-safe and effective for all skin types

Treatment options- 

  • Hair Removal

  • Tattoo Removal

  • Hollywood Peel


Why choose Sentient Tixel?

 This proprietary, non-invasive technology transfers thermal energy to skin quickly, safely and effectively.

Tixel is a non-invasive skin resurfacing device that uses proprietary targeted heat. Pain and downtime are minimal compared to laser and radiofrequency treatments, and makeup can be applied the day after treatment.

  • Fast results

  • Well-tolerated, often with minimal-to-no topical numbing

  • No social downtime—discrete healing

  • No lasers, needles, or radiation

  • Treatments as quick as 15 minutes

  • Safe to use on all skin types

  • Safe for skin with melasma

  • Safe for skin with acne

fibroblast copy.jpg


Fibroblast - (SUPERFRECATOR GEN 3)

For permanent removal of minor skin irregularities and anti-aging solutions.

Treatment options- 

  • Skin tags

  • Cherry angiomas

  • Skin Tightening

  • Warts

Experienced and Professional

provides you a range of trendy nail enhancements, and high quality manicures.

  • Acrylic Nails

  • Gel Manicure

We promise to make our customers enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment with our best services.


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